Changes in facebook algorithm has a big impact because it requires users to interact so that what others post seen in our facebook news feed, simple example is if we often ignore what the someone posts, then what they post next will not appear in our facebook news feed. So we must often interact with each other, then we will often see someone posts in our facebook news feed.

A few months earlier, every time I post something on Facebook, a lot of comments or just like. Currently, few people comment or like my post, although my friend list is almost 5000 because it seems that what I post is not visible in their news feed. also In my facebook news feed just appears only the same people, that's all. Though I'm sure thousands of other friends also post.

One example of my experience is that I used to have a facebook account with nearly 5000 friend list but was blocked and now can be accessed again, every time I post on my facebook account there is no one friend who commented or like, very quiet like no one knows my account is this and I suspect what I post is not visible on their news feeds, because it has been banned and long since it is inactive, so there is no interaction.
The only way to get my account back to crowded may be that I have to comment on all my 5000 friend list posts, but I'm not a robot.

Yes that's a bit of social media algorithm, especially Facebook. Essentially they are focused on advertisers, all for the sake of business. Just look if we go to marketplace site look around products sold. Later when we return to visit facebook, suddenly appear ads with the exact same products we see on the marketplace site earlier and it can be repeated several days. While our friends post is "not promoted" in our news feed because there may not be profits for them.

Note: if from the facebook app on the iPhone, have "Explore Feeds" which displays the posts that are not raised on facebook home.
From the beginning is facebook limit 200 friends who can appear in our news feed. 200 friends who often interact with us.
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