Another Viewpoint From NODE.JS


What is Node.js?

Node.js is not a programming language and not a framework, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built in JavaScript engine v8, the same engine used by Google Chrome, which makes Google Chrome powerful and very fast.

What is runtime?

Node makes JavaScript runs single process in your machine, v8 engine written with c ++ makes JavaScript and compile it into machine language that fast and understandable by computer.

Node makes JavaScript into server side technology, like PHP, Rails, Java, Python etc.

Node is Cross Platform Technology, which runs on all Operating System, like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Nodes build large-scale applications very quickly and support real-time applications.

If you have enough experience with Node.js will make you on the Top Skill ranks that much needed by today's technology in the world.

What can we do with Node?

• Manipulation of files on the filesystem.
• Build web servers.
• Query the database (MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Redis etc)
• Powerful APIs & Backend interfaces.
• Powerful server side apps with render view.
• Real-time service.

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