What is Web Design?

Web design is the art and process of creating single and entire web pages, and can involve the aesthetics and mechanical ins and outs of a website operation, although the main thing is to focus the look and feel (what the site sees and feels).

Some aspects covered in web design include:
• Creating animations and graphics
• Color selection
• Selection of fonts
• Navigation design
• Creating html or xml animation, java script, programming, and ecommerce development
• Creating content

What should be mastered by a web designer? 

Things that must be mastered by a web designer is as follows.

• explore the imagination and explore the taste of art that is poured in the web page
• able to choose a good color and combine it with other colors to create a matching color blend
• able to make good sketches of web page form
• able to combine imagination or original ideas with the idea of ​​the client who ordered web design
• able to place multimedia components on certain parts so that web pages become interesting

• Web layout apps, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Fontpage, Edit Plus, PHP Edit, etc.
• Animation Maker apps like Macromedia Flash, Swish, etc.
• Graphic design applications like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.



Before designing a web, web designers should know and understand in advance some of the functions of a website so that the design is made in accordance with the functions made. In general, the function of a web is as follows:
• Communication Functions
Sites that have this function in general are dynamic web. Because made using web programming (server side) then equipped with facilities that provide communication functions such as web mail, contex form, chat, forums, etc. Facebook is one website that serves as a medium of communication.
• Information Function
This web is more emphasis on quality of content because the purpose of this site is to convey its contents. We recommend this type of web contains text and graphics that can be downloaded quickly. Limit use of motion animation on this type of web. Facilities that provide information function are news, profile, company, library, reference, etc.
• Entertaiment function
This type of web is a means of entertainment, so animated images and motion elements can improve the quality of design presentations, although it should still consider the download speed. Some facilities from the web that have entertaiment function such as online games, online movies, online music, etc. Youtube is one of the web with entertaiment function.
• Transaction Function
This website can be used as a means of business transactions, both goods and services. This site connects consumer companies and specific communities through electronic transactions. Payments can use ATM, transfer, or direct. An example is
After understanding the above description, which should be studied next is to know the basic science of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language.

Hope this helpful

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Such a concise but informative post. Thanks for sharing. I am a web designer and am happy to possess many of the skills you mentioned. Will be working on the rest.

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