How to Check Battery Health Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older

How to Check Battery Health Samsung Galaxy S22

How to check the battery Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older is quite easy, where this method needs to be done periodically to find out the condition and health of the battery. Along with the age of use of mobile phones, the ability and capacity of the battery to store electrical energy will also decrease.

The decrease in battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older can be influenced by various factors, such as playing the cellphone while charging it too much. This can make the chemical cells in the battery hot, so that at a certain period the Samsung battery will no longer be able to store electrical energy optimally.

Before buying a used Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older, we also need to check the condition of the battery, this method aims to check whether the battery performance is still good or not. To make it easier to check the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older has a special feature that can be used as an indicator to check the health of the cellphone battery.

How to Check Battery Condition, Samsung Galaxy S22 or Older

Unlike other manufacturers who apply this feature to the settings menu, Samsung has specifically included a feature for this battery check method in the Samsung Members application. If you don't have it, you can download this application for free on the Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Not only that, there are still several ways that can be used to check the health of the Samsung cellphone battery that you have now. Especially in this article, the Samsung Store will share some tutorials to check the condition of the Samsung battery whether it is still healthy or damaged. Just take a look at the following information:

1. Via Samsung Members

You can try the first way to check the Samsung battery by using the "Samsung Members" application. Where this method is very effective for checking and knowing the health of the Samsung cellphone battery whether it is still good or not. For more details, you can follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to install or update the Samsung Members application.
  2. If so, run the application after it is installed on the cellphone.
  3. Then go to the Get Help section by selecting the Headset icon in the bottom menu.
  4. Next, you select the Interactive checks menu.
  5. On the Interactive checks menu, then select the Battery option.
  6. You can see battery health information in the Life section.

Samsung Members is a community service that is specifically provided for Samsung mobile users. Where in this application users can find various kinds of tips, tricks, and other reviews in solving problems that often occur on Samsung smartphones.

Not only that, users can also check various functions and conditions of Samsung cellphones, such as checking battery capacity, bluetooth, wifi, mic, camera and others. For your own way, you can follow the steps above, there will be several options according to which you will check.

2. Physical Check Samsung Battery

How to check the battery of the next Samsung cellphone is to physically check the battery manually. Currently, most smartphones on the market have adapted embedded or non-removable battery technology so that the battery cannot be seen. But you can check it by looking at the physical shape of the back of the cellphone.

To be sure, you can see the back of the Samsung cellphone, whether the shape is bulging which makes the backcover lift. Next, also check the battery charging hole, make sure the charging hole is in good condition and in the correct position.

3. Samsung Secret Code

The last way you can do to check whether the Samsung cellphone battery is still good or not is by using a secret code. This method is indicated as the most effective, where this Samsung secret code can display various important information about the performance of the Samsung cellphone, including the battery.

In the code collection, there are several types of secret codes that are useful for checking the battery performance of your cellphone. To find out more details, you can read information about how to check Samsung batteries with the following secret codes:

  • *#0228# or #8999*228# : Code to check battery information.
  • #*2286# : Code to check battery usage.
  • #*2474# : Code to check battery charging speed.

The three secret codes above are enough to be able to check whether the Samsung cellphone battery is in good condition or damaged. Meanwhile, the methods and steps for using the Samsung secret code are as follows:

  1. Please open the Phone or Dial application on the Samsung cellphone.
  2. Then type one of the Samsung battery check codes above.
  3. If so, please press the call button or Call.
  4. Then information about the most accurate Samsung battery will appear. Unfortunately, not all types of Samsung cellphones can access this code.

That's how to check the easiest Samsung battery condition along with the steps that you must know. That's short info from us, hopefully it can be useful and useful for all of us.

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