This time I will review about a smartphone gimbal stabilizer with the name X-CAM Sight 2, it can be said this is a steadycam for smartphones. With the consideration of a cheaper price compared to other smartphone gimbal stabilizer, I finally bought this from the online marketplace and a few days later up in my hands.

What's In The Box.

X-CAM Sight 2 smartphone gimbal stabilizer has a very simple box shape look alike the smartphone box  is proper to be called a traveler gimbal stabilizer. In the box there is a smartphone gimbal stabilizer, manual book, usb charger cable, L keys, and pouch. Reading the manual book, we easily to understand the way of operation because it is accompanied by images.

First Impression.

X-CAM Sight 2 smartphone gimbal stabilizer is very fitting and light enough, has a design is quite simple so there is no difficulty when operating for the first time. a glance seen looks very futuristic with some blue led lights on, one is located at the top as a batrey indicator, if full blue and if it will run out red, and another on the front of the rod that I do not know its function as what because the light on only blue light.


Foldable Design, To make it easier for you to bring this gimbal, X-Cam uses a foldable design that can be folded into small shapes. Coupled with a small build factor, the foldable design makes this gimbal very easy to take away.
2 Axis Stabilizer, The use of 2-Axis stabilizer system makes this gimbal spin forward and sideways to balance your smartphone for smoother video movement results.
Static Frames While in Motion, X-CAM Sight 2 smartphone gimbal stabilizer uses intelligent stable system technology to ensure smooth video results and not blur when you use this portable gimbal.
Equipped with Bluetooth Connection, you can connect this gimbal to your smartphone via a bluetooth connection to access its settings. This feature supports only smartphones with bluetooth 4.0 connection.
Battery Capacity, X-CAM Sight 2 smartphone gimbal stabilizer is supported battery 1000mAh Li-Po with the ability to use up to 5 hours and charging time requires 2-3 hours.

Technical Specifications of X-Cam Sight 2 Portable Smartphone Gimbal 2 Axis Bluetooth
MaterialPC Engineering Plastic
Dimension15 x 4.8 x 5.4cm
OthersCompatible: Smartphone Less than 5.5"
Axis Pitch Angle: 175 Degree
Horizontal Axis Viewing Angle: 55 Degree
Battery: 1000mAh Li-po
Caharging Time: 2 - 3 Hours
Usage Duration: 2 - 5 Hours
Max Power: 10W
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
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