My Quick Review On SABBAT E12 True Wireless Earphone

True Wireless Earphone

After trying a few days (the item had been burned in before), I was amazed at this tws, especially in terms of the reproduction of his voice.

- Light
- The battery is quite durable, 4 hours for normal use, with a volume of around 45%. the harder the more draining power.
- Nice appearance
- Sub bass blaring, cool for watching movies, especially from smartphones
- The button in the middle for some people might not feel good, because if you push the earphones in more and more, but for me it's nice to remove the plug, not touched.
- Low impedance, just using a smartphone is enough to drive. Be careful when connecting to a PC, even a small volume is hard on the ears.
- Latency is very low, just a slight delay if you listen to audio from the movie, between the sound and the lip motion of the difference of zero points for just a few seconds.

- Less comfortable to wear for long, the pressure into the ear space is large enough to cause pain and dizziness. So if you watch a movie, it should be 2 hours at the longest, especially if it is intense shooting or listening to rock / speed metal songs.
- Treble is laid back really, must be jacked with an equalizer.

Setting EQ Flat, this impression is obtained:
Bass isn't punchy, it doesn't rumble, but it's really loud. Precisely punchy sub-bass. Bass slightly leaked to the mid-low so that there are details missing in the kick drum. Tom-tom cool though not solid.
Mid low and mid high appear forward and a bit excessive so that in some acoustic songs, especially guitar instruments, the ear really hurts with the fingers picking the strings. For vocal, the vocal points are male rather than female vocal. Unique right?
Treble, where is the treble? hey, who is this hidden? Until you have to get around the new EQ, the cymbal comes out (ride, crash and hi hat), the sound of a tongue click and so on. Yes it's okay, every product has advantages and disadvantages

Songs that fit:
Pop, Rock, Country, EDM is good but it's not recommended to listen for a long time. The orchestra is still ok. Acapella is cool.
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