First Impression Huawei Power Bank 10000mAh CP11QC

Huawei Power Bank 10000mAh CP11QC

First impressions with the Huawei Power Bank 10000mAh CP11QC

Today I bought a HUAWEI brand power bank with a capacity of 10000mAh CP11QC models. Incidentally the father of my child's school friend works as a marketing sales of HUAWEI products in Indonesia. I bought it at a fairly affordable price with a discount of almost 25% of the price on the market.

First impression, the color is very charming white.  the body looks sturdy with matte colors in almost all parts except on the one side next to the glossy one, with HUAWEI and 10000mAh on it.  the width of this power bank is as big as one adult's hand grip and two hand lengths.  there is only one USB port for output, one USB Type-C port for input, a capacity indicator light, and one button to check capacity.

When held not slippery, the size and shape at a glance like holding the Samsung Galaxy S10.  I have tried to use it for charging a smartphone, it doesn't feel hot just a little warm on the body power bank.

Very happy to be able to share more experiences with this HUAWEI power bank, and soon I will share it in the next article, after I explore deeper.
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