The Struggle to Build a Ryzen PC for the First Time

The Struggle to Build a Ryzen PC for the First Time

I want to share my experiences when build a Ryzen PC for the first time, it feels very tense. Initially I planned to build the Ryzen 3 2200G with the B350M board, which I bought online. After a little research, the first obstacle I encountered, B350M might not be compatible with newer processors. Acting safely, I looked for a compatible board and found B450M, for now B450M in my opinion fits in the budget. But still haunted by the mind in case it is not compatible, because if it turns out to be incompatible the solution is to have to borrow another processor that is compatible with the board, flash the latest BIOS to support the latest CPU.

Finally I decided directly to the store. After searching for it, I finally found a cheaper board, the A320 from MSI. But in my opinion the price is too expensive, the price of the board is $ 53, the price of the processor is $ 97, in my opinion is too expensive. At this point, I no longer wanted to continue build Ryzen.

I tried my luck again by going to another shop, but yes I was almost desperate. Here you get an A320 board for $ 55 and a Ryzen 3 2200G for $ 90. Somewhat surprised because the price is cheaper, but the OMG Ryzen 3 2200G is out of stock. In my mind I was relieved but I was not lucky, I can save money for another time. But the seller offered me a Ryzen 3 3200G for $ 99. OMG .. My mind is more doubtful, I feel like taking it, I want to fight the feeling of wanting to buy, but yes I finally gave up and bought it.

experience that I write here is not how much, but the reality is very is very draining mind to build Ryzen PC. Unlike Intel, don't bother with this. But it does use Ryzen to be my own satisfaction, because the price of Core i3 is getting expensive, and Intel Pentium is not "cool". And I think it's better to buy a board directly at the store if you don't have experience in build a Ryzen PC.

From Other User From Internet Forum:

Why don't you choose b450m, you can ask for flash bios in the store. If you later want to upgrade to Ryzen 3xxx series it's easy and can use high frequency RAM too.
~ Initially, I was sure to buy B450M, but I have a little time to research different B450M vs A320, so I bought a cheap staple, right now I also finally used the 3200G. After buying it then understands the difference. Also in my opinion this is enough, from before I used i3-3220 ~

My advice is just b450. yesterday tried ASRock a320 + r5 3600 + 5700 could not boot. maybe incompatible RAM or some say A320 with 3xxx many problems ... then replace B450 smoothly ... better B450.
~ Luckily this can work A320 + 3200G, without flash bios and all sorts. Until now it has not been a problem. ~

Asrock A320M-HDV is cheaper, the last purchase did not reach $ 50. already has M.2 PCIex4 and the new batch already supports Ryzen 3000s out of the box, the BIOS is factory updated.
~ When looking for only the MS2 offered, so forget if you want to buy ASUS / Asrock. okay, I just regret seeing the Asrock, there is an M.2 slot. ~

I use a320m gigabyte brand also for Ryzen 5 3400g. It's safe to just not use GPU Card. Using IGPU is enough.
~ I use GTX 1050, it feels wasteful using Ryzen. ~
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