My Opinion About Gaming Chairs, Gaming Chairs Is Important?

Gaming Chairs Is Important?

Often underestimated, it turns out that how to sit when we are playing is very important, guys! Although the effect is not felt in the short term, playing for hours in the wrong sitting position can lead to injury!

Gaming chairs are very important for you to have if you are “addicts” to computer games. Especially nowadays, in almost the entire world of computer games have been ranked first in terms of gaming problems and have eliminated the popularity of the Playstation.

Frank Maas, an esports ergonomics expert, emphasizes sitting position when playing games, especially when competing for long hours. According to him, position greatly determines reflex speed, stamina endurance, and prevents us from potential back pain and inflammation of the base of the palms (carpal tunnel syndrome). This is where a gaming chair will come in handy.

According to Frank Maas, sitting for a long time requires the right position. In principle, the position of the back must remain upright, but still relaxed. The lumbar or cushion between the vertebrae should rest comfortably on a chair cushion that follows the contour or position of the spine.

In addition to the position of the spine, the position of the feet must also be perfectly flat on the floor, with the position of the vertical thighbone slightly decreased so that blood circulation, either from the heart to the legs or the reverse, continues to flow.

Why should it be a gaming chair?

1. Comfort

For gamers who can sit at the computer for hours, comfort is the most important factor. Gaming chairs are designed to provide gamers with hours of comfort while playing at the computer.

2. Durability

Gaming chairs are designed using selected high quality materials. Not only the structure, the inner material also consists of a foam filling which has strong resistance properties and high density to reduce the risk of injury and deformation of body position.

So, the gaming chair has strong and long lasting durability.

Besides being used for playing games, you can also use gaming chairs to carry out daily activities at the computer.

It really depends on us, but if you feel like you often sit for long periods of time, then you need a very comfortable and ergonomic chair, which prevents the risk of back pain. The gaming chair is one of them.

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