Apple IPhone XR Review, Still Worth To Buy in 2022?

Apple IPhone XR Review

Just like other gadget products on the market, the price of Apple smartphones will certainly decrease when the latest model is released. What makes this mobile phone from California different is the price decline which is quite stable and not too severe.

After the release of his iPhone 12 a few months ago, the price of the iPhone XR has decreased quite drastically. Because indeed, Apple's affordable smartphone is already two generations behind its younger brother.

Even so, the iPhone XR is still worth buying and using in 2022. Apart from the price that has dropped, this affordable cellphone from Apple has sufficient features and is able to meet the needs of its users.

The advantages of the iPhone XR

Even though it is two generations behind, the iPhone XR is still able to meet the needs of its users. Of course, for those who want to try or switch to the Apple ecosystem, this is an advantage of the iPhone XR, which is currently affordable.

Here are the advantages of the iPhone XR that make it still worth buying in 2022:

Beautiful colors

To fulfill the need for the display you want to use, the iPhone XR comes in six beautiful color choices. You can find Product Red, yellow, coral, blue, and black and white neutral colors.

The presence of many of these options can certainly help you to choose which color suits your style. The various variants it has are also not too flashy and still pleasing to the eye.

Face ID for qualified security

As we know, Apple has switched from the Touch ID security system to Face ID, which prioritizes security through the user's face. With the help of infrared sensors, this technology can make it easier for you to unlock your smartphone.

With the use of infrared rays embedded in the front of the bangs, the security of the iPhone XR will certainly be difficult to fool. The cellphone that you use, will not be easily opened using facial photos or when you sleep.

Powerful Chipset, Play All Games

Just like its big brother iPhone X series, the chipset that is embedded in this affordable Apple cellphone is the A12 Bionic. With its 7 nm fabrication, the brain of this smartphone is not only powerful but also durable.

The combination of Apple A12 Bionic with Apple GPU in it, is able to bulldoze 3D games smoothly. If you are not the typical person who likes to play games on cellphones, their performance can also make scrolling social media and web surfing smoother.

Reliable Camera

With a single camera configuration, this X series family has a score of 104 for photos and 96 on DxOMark. For photo taking, the iPhone XR is able to provide images with exposure, color, and details close to its flagship at that time, the iPhone XS.

In capturing video, the single lens that is owned by this cellphone is also capable of producing a good dynamic range capture in all light conditions. Not only that, the captured video results are not shaky thanks to the capable image stabilization.

Long Lasting Battery

One thing that makes this affordable Apple smartphone stand out from its flagships is the battery life it has. In fact, from Apple's own statement, the iPhone XR can last 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus which has a power resistance of 14-15 hours.

Even though the price is more affordable than other series, Apple still embeds the wireless charging feature on this cellphone. Even if you need to charge using a cable, you can charge this smartphone at a speed of 15 Watts.

Safe from Water and Dust

For those who like to take their smartphone to the bathroom, swim, or go to another wet place, this iPhone XR has received IP67 certification. This certification is useful as proof that a device can withstand water to dust.

For this one cellphone, this certification is able to make it waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Not only that, smartphones can also be protected from dust so that no dirt can enter this device.

Currently Cheapest Official iPhone

For those who want to experience the Apple ecosystem or want to upgrade from the previous series, the iPhone XR is the cheapest Apple-made cellphone that already uses a design similar to its flagship.

The price of the iPhone XR starts at only Rp. 7 million and has powerful features with a beautiful design. When compared to the iPhone SE 2020, this one cellphone can still outperform it in terms of battery life and performance that is still strong.

Disadvantages of the iPhone XR

There are also drawbacks to the iPhone XR that are arguably insignificant, as follows:

No Ultra Wide Lens

As previously discussed, this affordable cellphone from Apple only uses a single camera configuration. Even though the catch is good, the absence of this ultra wide lens is still a drawback.

What's more, if we compare it to an Android smartphone at the same price, the average camera configuration used can reach 4-5 lenses. But all back again, the one lens used by this cellphone is very sufficient for taking photos and videos.

No Charger in Sales

After the release of its newest smartphone, Apple also announced an update to its old smartphone sales package. The iPhone XR is one of the devices included in the update mentioned by the California technology company.

Similar to its latest flagship, Apple sells the iPhone XR along with several other cellphones without providing a built-in charger. This is certainly a big thing, especially Apple provides a cable with a USB type-C end to USB lighting which is rarely used by many people.

Still Using the LCD Panel

When compared to its flagship cellphone or Android in the same price range, the screen of the iPhone XR still uses an LCD panel. The shortcomings of the iPhone XR, of course, will have an impact on some people who have already used a better panel.

In addition to the image quality that is still below the LED panel, the use of the LCD also causes a thick bezel. Due to its rigid nature, the screen will be difficult to fold on the sides of the iPhone XR which causes the bezel to be thicker.

For those who want to transition or try Apple's ecosystem, this iPhone XR is the right choice. Apart from having a powerful design and features, this Apple phone also has an affordable price and makes it still feasible to use in 2022.

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