Tips And Tricks Food Photography With a Smartphone


Tips And Tricks Food Photography With a Smartphone

The trend of photographing food has become a separate phenomenon among urbanites. It feels like something is missing if you haven't immortalized the food that was just served by taking photos. In fact, not infrequently people are more interested in taking pictures of these dishes than eating them.

This activity of photographing food is actually getting more and more popular with the emergence of food bloggers. Food bloggers themselves are bloggers who specifically discuss culinary delights in their blog posts.

Not only writing, these food bloggers are also very good at photographing food so that their photos look artistic. Maybe you think that to get a cool photo like that of a food blogger requires photography skills and a professional camera that costs millions of rupiah.

But it turns out it's not that difficult. For those who like to take pictures of food, you can also produce good food photos in the style of a food blogger, even with just a smartphone!

Look the composition

In the world of photography, the problem of placing the object to be photographed or the composition is important. By determining the composition of the object that is right, you will get a photo that is more artistic and less monotonous. For those of you who are beginners, you can use the rule of thirds composition, where the main object of the photo is positioned at 1/3 part of the photo.

Photos from Different Angles

Not only the scenery, photographing food turns out to require different angles to get maximum and unique photos. Don't just focus on photographing food from the top angle or right in front of it because not all food will look beautiful when taken from this angle. Explore the angles where food looks prettier.

Don't Using Flash

A mistake that is often made by beginners is that they rely on flash when the light in the restaurant is not sufficient. Although it is able to make objects brighter, using flash can make food colors unnatural, create unwanted shadows, and can mess up the color balance. If you eat in a restaurant with dim lights, you can move the food to a corner with lots of light.

Use Garnish and Supporting Properties

Do you want your food photos to look more professional? Decorate the food with various garnishes and other supporting properties to make it look more attractive. Garnishes and these properties will really help you get perfect photos, especially if the food you want to photograph has monotonous colors. You can also use the Photo Pad as the background of the food object you want to shoot, especially if you want to take photos from the top angle.

Look at the whole object of the photo

When you want to take pictures of food, you should not only focus on the food, but also on the food supporting objects such as plates, cutlery, and so on. This is important because these supporting objects also play a role in determining whether or not a food photo is good.

Beautify with the Photo Editing Application

It cannot be denied that the photo quality using a professional camera is better than using a smartphone. To make your shots just like using a professional camera, you need a photo editing application. Photo editing applications will certainly make your food photos look more artistic. Some of the applications that you can use to edit food photos are Photoshop, Vsco Cam, and Snapseed.

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