Easy and Fast Way to Connect AirPods to Android Device

Easy and Fast Way to Connect AirPods to Android Device

Especially for AirPods Max users, pairing mode can be done by removing the device from the smart case then pressing the noise control button until the indicator light on the right side of the storage flashes.

After successfully connecting, users can also use AirPods like any other wireless audio device. The connection between the two will also be connected or disconnected automatically when this Apple device is removed or put in the charging case.

If the Android phone used supports the reverse wireless charging option, users can also use it to charge AirPods using the appropriate method. 

How to Connect AirPods to Android Device:

1. Access the Bluetooth settings page (pull the notification panel and press its icon for a few moments)

2. Turn on Bluetooth by tapping the appropriate button

3. Open the AirPods charging case

4. Move closer to the device to be connected

5. Press the small button on the back of the charging box until the indicator light flashes white (pairing mode is on)

6.Wait until the Android device finds the AirPods

7. Look for AirPods in the Android pairing menu

8. Click the name of the AirPods in question to connect them

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