How To Use iPad As a Graphics Tablet or Pen Display Wirelessly And With Low Latency

It seems that many don't know, but did you know that the iPad can be used as a Wacom Cintiq or Pen Display wirelessly and with low latency? This might be an additional reference in deciding whether to buy an iPad or a Pen Display. Because the iPad can be used as a Pen Display if you want.

Pen Display or Graphics tablet is a computer input device hardware that allows the user to draw by hand and enter drawings or sketches directly into the computer, like drawing on paper using a pencil.

How to set an iPad as a graphics tablet or pen display wirelessly and with low latency:

Use the feature called Sidecar on your Mac, how to use it: click the Apple logo in the upper left corner > system preferences > select Sidecar > connect to iPad.

Make sure your iPad is signed in to the same Apple ID as your Mac (Macbook/iMac/MacMini etc.). And enjoy Cintiq's low latency wireless with Apple Pencil pressure support.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available on Apple computers. On a Windows PC, you have to use 3rd party apps, which are a bit laggy and the experience isn't as good as the Apple default.

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