Easy and Fast Way to Check iPhone Device Repair History

Easy and Fast Way to Check iPhone Device Repair History

Earlier last week, Apple had rolled out the iOS 15.2 update to general users. iOS 15.2 brings many interesting features that can improve security, privacy, and user experience.

In iOS 15.2, users can also view iPhone repair history. The repair history can show the iPhone device components that have been replaced. iOS 15.2 can also show the user the authentic status of the replacement parts used. This feature will make it easier for users to prove the authenticity of their iPhone components.

Users can check iPhone repair history in settings or "Settings".

How to Check iPhone Repair History on iOS 15.2:

1. Go to settings or Settings.

2. Go to general settings or General.

3. Click the About phone or About option at the top.

4. Scroll down and you will find iPhone repair history under Serial Number.

5. Click the section to enter the details of replacing iPhone components.

If the user repairs the device at an official service and official component, the words 'Genuine Apple Part' will appear.

Meanwhile, when repair of spare parts is carried out in an unofficial place, a warning indicator that reads 'Non-Genuine' will appear.

Please note, the repair history in iOS 15.2 can only be used by iPhone XR and XS or later.

Also, the repair and component replacement history will not appear in the settings if the user's iPhone has never been repaired or replaced.

The repair history details that appear will vary for each iPhone model. For iPhone XS and XR, iOS 15.2 can only display the repair and replacement history of battery components. For iPhone 11, iOS 15.2 can display the repair and replacement history of the battery and screen.

Meanwhile, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users can find out the history of repair and replacement of battery, camera, and screen components.

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