How to Save Apple Watch Battery For Longer Lifetime

How to Save Apple Watch Battery For Longer Lifetime

Are you an Apple Watch user? Maybe for more than a year during this pandemic, you rarely leave the house and choose not to use your Apple Watch at home. So the battery in Apple Watch often runs out without realizing it when not in use. Then this smartwatch from Apple is not ready to be used on the go.

To solve this problem, you can use the Power Reserve feature on the Apple Watch. Power Reserve is a feature Apple has been using since watchOS 5 in 2017. With Power Reserve, you can see the time on your Apple Watch and save battery.

The definition of battery saving here is that all features, sensors and notifications on the Apple Watch will not activate while the Power Reserve feature is used. The display screen will also be completely dark. You can press the Side Button on Apple Watch while using Power Reserve and see the hour indicator. When the Power Reserve feature is enabled, iPhone and Apple Watch devices will also not be connected.

By using the Power Reserve feature, you don't have to turn off your Apple Watch that hasn't been used for several days.

How to Use the Power Reserve Feature

  1. Access Apple Watch on the exterior or the Watch Face.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center.
  3. Press the battery percentage icon.
  4. A slider will appear with the words Power Reserve, slide it to the right.
  5. Press the Proceed button.

In addition, Power Reserve can also be activated automatically when the Apple Watch battery shows a 10% remaining indicator. You will get a notification to activate Power Reserve or you can charge it immediately.

How to turn off the power reserve

  1. Press and hold the Side Button on Apple Watch until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Wait for the Apple Watch to restart. Maybe you need to charge it if the battery was previously depleted.

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