How to Scan Documents on iPhone Without Additional Applications

Due to the ever-evolving technology, marked by the presence of various advanced features on smartphones, one of which is a scanner. Enough with a smartphone camera, users can scan the desired document.

To be able to scan documents on some smartphone models requires a third-party application. But not with the iPhone, which allows users to directly scan documents.

Only by using the camera and some secret tricks, iPhone users can directly scan documents. Not only that, the document file resulting from the scan can be directly used as needed.

How to scan documents on iPhone without additional applications? 

Recently, Apple Support has shared how to scan documents on iPhone without additional applications.

1. The first step that must be done is to prepare the document to be scanned.

2. Open the Notes application on the iPhone and tap the screen until the keyboard appears.

3. In the keyboard the user can click the camera icon at the top.

4. Select the Scan Documents option and the user will be directed to the camera view.

5. Point the iPhone at the document that has been prepared and then click the camera viewfinder like taking a photo.

6. The document will be automatically scanned and the user can immediately click save when it is finished. When the user returns to the Notes application view, the results of the scanned document will appear immediately. Users can also use the scanned documents according to their respective needs.

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