How to Take Long Vertical Screenshots on iPhone Device

How to Take Long Vertical Screenshots on iPhone Device

Do you often use the screenshot feature on iPhone devices? For example, to take and save a screenshot after making a bank transfer via a mobile banking application or saving a text chat in the form of an image.

Sometimes the display that you want to screenshot, may not be enough in 1 screen that appears on the iPhone, aka need to scroll down. This makes the results of ordinary screenshots incomplete or you have to save more than 1 screenshot image.

Since iOS 14 was launched there is a feature to take long screenshots easily and quickly.

How to Take Long Screenshots on iPhone

1. Via Safari

In iOS 14, Apple has provided a Full Page screenshot feature for the Safari browser. With this feature you can take screenshots in 1 complete page of the website that is being accessed.

The results of this screenshot are in the form of a PDF document that can be directly saved to the Files application, shared by email or sent to chat on WhatsApp, for example.

Here's how to use the Full Page screenshot feature in Safari iOS 14:

  1. Open the website that you want to screenshot in Full Page.
  2. Take a screenshot by pressing the screenshot button according to the device used (for example on iPhone X or later using Volume Up + Power Button).
  3. Press the screenshot preview view at the bottom left.
  4. Press the Full Page button at the top right of the screen.
  5. Check all sections of the long screenshot with the preview displayed on the right side of the screen.
  6. If needed, use the Crop feature to crop a certain part of the screenshot that has been made.
  7. Finally, just press the Share icon at the top right to share the screenshot PDF document to the chat application or save it in Files.

2. Using the Stiiitch App

In the first explanation, the long screenshot feature can only be used in the Safari application and the resulting document is in PDF format. What if you want to take a long screenshot on your iPhone with a JPG image format and an application outside of Safari? The solution is to use additional apps.

Out of a number of long screenshot apps on the App Store, one of the favorites is the Stiiitch app. By using Stiiitch, you can make long screenshots of various screen displays in any application.

The way it works to make long screenshots in Stiiitch is slightly different from the Safari feature in iOS 14. The Stiiitch application makes long screenshots by combining or "stitching" several screenshots into one.

To use the feature of combining screenshots into long images in Stiiitch, you have to take several screenshots overlapping or having the same part in the first and second images.

Another convenience from Stiiitch is the "sew" mode or combine several overlapping screenshots automatically if the screenshots are in the latest gallery in the Photos application.

Here's how to use Stiiitch to automatically merge long screenshot images:

  1. Download and install Stiiitch. Open the Stiiitch app to access some settings, then close or delete them from behind the scenes.
  2. Take 2 or more screenshots that overlap vertically.
  3. Open Stiiitch and the auto-merge mode will start right away. Done, now you just have to save the image in Photos.

To use the merge screenshot mode manually in Stiiitch, you can select 2 or more images that you want to combine. After that use the cut mode to cut and connect the interconnected parts manually.

In addition, Stiiitch can be used for free to create long screenshots either automatically or manually. To get more complete features, you can buy Stiiitch Pro in-app purchases and access additional features.

Some of the additional features provided are the automatic deletion mode for image sources that have been combined automatically, Scrollshot mode for making long screenshots with screen recording or making Mockup images with iPhone frames.

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