Steps And Easy Ways To Convert Kindle Books To PDF

How to Convert Kindle Books To PDF

Kindle has become a very popular tool these days which is used by almost everyone. It is a small device that can store many ebooks so you can read them at your idle time. Kindle books save all publications in compatible formats like AZW, MOBI, KFX, etc. However, all of these formats are not supported by Macs or computers. So, what if you want to read ebooks stored in Kindle books on your computer. This is a very simple task. What to do, convert a Kindle book into a PDF, and that's it. Now, the question arises how? You can easily convert Kindle to PDF online or convert Kindle to PDF Mac in no time. The process is below.

Method to convert Kindle to PDF online:

This is a very simple method that hardly takes your time. This process uses the Kindle converter. Several Kindle converters are available online. But, we have discussed here two of the best. They are mentioned below. However, before starting the process, transfer the necessary Kindle files to your Mac or computer, then make sure the Kindle files are in AZW format. Here's how to do it.

1. Sign in to your Amazon account from your computer

2. Go to Account > Manage your content and Devices > View

3. Now, tap on 'Choose a book' and then select the three dots next to the three dots from the title name.

4. Tap on the ‘Download and transfer via USB’ option.

5. Select a Kindle device when prompted, and then the file will be downloaded to the PC.

Method 1: Convert Kindle to PDF online using EPUB converter

1. First, visit the EPUB Converter page on your computer.

2. Here you will see a yellow ‘Add file’ option. Tap that button.

3. You will be taken to the Kindle book page which is downloaded where you can select the required file and tap Open. You can select multiple files at once to upload and convert.

4. Once selected, click on the ‘start uploading’ button.

5. This will take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the number of files you choose to transfer.

6. After the conversion process is complete, check the downloaded file. All converted files will be available at Download link on your computer. The file will then be available in PDF format. You can change the file location of the downloads folder if needed.

So, that is how to convert Kindle to PDF online using EPUB converter.

Method 2: Convert Kindle to PDF Mac, Windows and Linux using Caliber

If you want to convert your Kindle books to PDF to read them on a Mac, Windows or Linux machine, this is the method for you. This process uses another Kindle converter called Caliber. Read on to learn how to use Caliber to convert Kindle books to PDF.

1. Launch any browser on your computer and visit Caliber Home

2. You will see a blue Download Button on the right side. Tap it. Next, select the required OS.

3. Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install Kindle Converter.

4. Now, launch Caliber. Tap the Add file button in the top left corner.

5. Select the Kindle file and tap open.

6. Just like, EPUB, this software also lets you upload and convert multiple files at once. Highlight all the required files and tap on the ‘Convert Books’ button in the left corner.

7. This software allows you to customize the appearance and design of the output PDF files. So, here you can select the option to customize the PDF file.

8. Once done, you will next see an output format option on the right side along with a Select PDF drop-down from that option.

9. Click OK on the right side of the page, and it will start converting the file.

10. It will take time. Once the process is complete, you will have to select the ebook once again. Next, tap on the PDF link in the format options and select the option “Save PDF format to disk. Here you can select the required location to save the PDF file.

Thus is how you can convert Kindle to PDF to read it on all PDF supported devices.

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