Easy Ways to Fix Amazon Appstore Not Working On Android

How To Fix Amazon Appstore Not Working On Android

Most of us use Amazon as an online shopping platform for various things. We all like to use apps instead of going to their websites or other options.

Amazon Appstore is an app store owned by the giant company Amazon. The Amazon Appstore is arguably the twin of the Google Play Store, but of course there are far fewer apps and games on the Amazon Appstore. But the Amazon Appstore has something called a daily free app or game. In this program, a paid application or game will change to free for one day and then change to another game the next day. Even more exciting, Amazon likes to hold various free events from time to time. For example, a few months ago they gave away MacGyver Deadly Descent, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Dungeon Village, and The Room Two.

But sometimes, some Android users have problems with Amazon App Store. If you are having the same problem, follow one of the methods below to fix Amazon app store not working on Android.

Method to fix Amazon app store not working on Android

Force Quit Amazon AppStore

Restarting the app by force stopping it for a while can be the first best solution. This will solve any issues and give it a new look. To force stop your Amazon App Store:

1. Start by searching for the settings tab on your device and tapping on it.

2. Click on the application option among the available.

3. Search for Amazon Apps among all available.

4. Click on the Force Stop now option.

5. Then confirm the force stop by clicking the OK button.

6. Restart the app once again by going to the home screen.

7. Once you are done, check if the problem is solved or not.

Clear Amazon AppStore Cache

Sometimes your Amazon App Store stops working for a while if it fills up with data. So you need to clear all caches to get back to normal state. To clear the cache:

1. Look for the settings menu and tap on it.

2. Click the application button from the list of available options.

3. Search for Amazon Apps among all available.

4. Locate the storage tab and click on it.

5. Tap the Clear cache now option.

6. After that, check if you can fix Amazon App Store on Android.

Update Amazon AppStore

Amazon regularly updates its Apps with new features and advanced options. Using the same old version of Amazon can sometimes get you into trouble. This can include any issues like slow app performance and other issues. So, updating your app with the latest version can improve the features of Amazon App in Android. To Update Your Amazon App:

1. Launch play store or Apps list tab on your device.

2. Then look for the Amazon option and tab on it.

3. Now click on Update option and wait for some time for it to update.

4. Once updated, you will be able to solve the problem.

The 3 methods above will likely help resolve the issue plaguing the Amazon App Store. But if still not fixed, you can uninstall Amazon App on your device and reinstall it once again. Or sometimes, you can downgrade the app, i.e. download an older version of the app, which will be perfect for your device. So, with this, you can finally fix your Amazon App Store.

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