How to Unlock Forgot Pattern Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

How to Unlock Forgot Pattern Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Pattern lock is a security measure that protects a device, such as a phone or tablet. More than 40% of Android users use pattern lock to secure their phone. To access device functions and content, the user must first draw a pattern on the screen grid circle.

If you are a Samsung user who is currently experiencing a problem, where you forget the pattern of the Samsung smartphone you are using, you can try to solve the problem by applying some of the tricks that the editor will review below.

As we know, to maintain device security, users usually apply a password or pattern to lock their smartphone from malicious hands. But unfortunately, because it uses a complicated password or pattern, sometimes this can actually backfire.

It's not just other people who won't know the password and pattern used, even the owner himself forgets the pattern he's made because it's too complicated.

If you're currently in that situation, we have great tips on how to unlock and log into your smartphone. Please follow the guide below.

How to Unlock Forgotten Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Pattern

If you are in a situation where you forget the pattern of your Samsung smartphone, as quoted from various sources, you can follow the steps below to unlock it. For more details, please see the full explanation below:

1. Through the Samsung Find My Mobile Service

The first way you can do to open a forgotten Samsung cellphone pattern is to use the service from Samsung Find My Mobile.

Indeed, this one service is useful for tracking lost Samsung cellphones. However, this one service can also be used to overcome and open forgotten Samsung cellphone patterns.

For your information, to use this service, make sure your Samsung cellphone is connected and has a Samsung account. You must remember the email address and password used to log in to your Samsung account.

Next, how to use the Samsung Find My Mobile service to open a forgotten Samsung cellphone pattern, please refer to the guide below:

  • 1. Prepare a computer/laptop device or it can be with another smartphone, then open a browser or browser, for example Google Chrome.
  • 2. Next, visit the following website address
  • 3. Click the Sign in button, and please login with the email address and password that is connected to your pattern-locked cellphone.
  • 4. After successfully logging in to the Find My Mobile website, a connected smartphone or type of Samsung cellphone will appear on the left side of the screen.
  • 5. Then, a map of several menus will appear, such as Ring, Lock, Track Location, Erase Data, Back Up, Retrieve Calls/Messages, Expand Battery Life, Set Guardians, and the Unlock menu.
  • 6. Next, all you have to do is click the Unlock menu, continue by confirming by pressing the blue Unlock My Screen button
  • 7. Then, a notification will appear that the Samsung cellphone has been successfully unlocked.
  • 8. Done, now your Samsung cellphone that forgot the pattern is open and can be accessed again.

We remind that this method is an official method which is a general guide issued by Samsung. So, make sure that the Samsung device that forgot the pattern is connected to a Samsung account, and you know the email address and password used to log in.

2. By Phone Call

The second way, when you forget the pattern of the Samsung cellphone you are using and want to open it, can use this simple trick, but it is quite powerful.

You just have to ask a friend to call the number on the Samsung cellphone that forgot the pattern, then accept the phone call.

While a call is in progress, press the Home button and enter the Settings menu. Finally select and disable the pattern lock feature.

3. Reset Device

Finally, when you forget your Samsung cellphone pattern, you use the last option that can be used to unlock the pattern-locked device is to reset the device. But keep in mind, by resetting the device then all data stored on your Samsung cellphone will be erased. So consider using this option, if all the other tricks you've tried haven't worked. To reset the device, please follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Note that, make sure that the condition of the battery at the time of resetting must be above 70% or it can be in a state while charging.
  • 2. Next, disable or turn off the Samsung device to be reset.
  • 3. After the cellphone is off, then press the Power + Home + Volume Up buttons at the same time.
  • 4. Press and hold the three buttons until the Samsung logo appears.
  • 5. Wait a while then several hard reset options will appear.

  • 6. Use the volume up and volume down buttons to scroll through the options, then select the Wipe data/factory reset option, once in that option press the Power button
  • 7. Next, you select Yes – delete all user data
  • 8. Wait for the process to complete, this process usually takes a few minutes.
  • 9. After the reset process is complete, the device will turn on again and do the settings as when you first bought the device.

Those are some ways you can do to solve and unlock a locked device when you forget your Samsung cellphone pattern. Just additional information, if you feel the data on the device is quite important and must be saved then don't do the last option. You can bring the device you are using to a service center, usually they have a special program to open a locked device without deleting the data in it. Hopefully the information that we provides can be useful for you, and good luck.
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