Apple AirPods Review, Are Still Worth It For 2022?

Apple AirPods Review 2022

AirPods are more than just wireless audio devices. These are premium earphones from Apple that we can use simply.

Apple uses a special W1 chip that makes AirPods connect to iPhones, iPads and MacBooks faster and easier. This Apple product is a technology that is carried out so that users can use earphones in a simple way.

With every iPhone released in recent years, from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, not having a 3.5mm headphone jack, AirPods are your best solution even if they are quite expensive.

But even though they are quite expensive, AirPods are the answer for all users and have tons of unique features that you can enjoy.

The advantages of Apple AirPods

Unique and Simple Design

AirPods have a physical shape similar to the EarPods minus the cable. AirPods are placed in a charging case with a minimalist design, but still look like Apple's distinctive elegance, you will also get a Lightning cable.

What's unique is that you only need to recharge the battery in the charging case, not the AirPods. In other words, you only need to charge the iPhone accessories then you can enjoy your music to your heart's content.

Clear Sound Quality

With all the considerations, the sound produced by the AirPods is very clear. Listening to songs whose treble is high enough without exceeding the tone is the capacity of this wireless earphone.

That means, you don't have to worry about listening to any kind of song without overtune sound. AirPods want to still provide an impressive music listening experience for their users.

Auto Connectivity

AirPods already equipped with the W1 chip also have several sensors. These sensors are what make it smarter than its competing wireless earphones. With the Automatic In Ear Detection feature, for example, AirPods can connect directly to an iPhone or iPad when placed in the ear.

You will find connect automatically when you connect just by turning it on, while other competitors will ask you to reconnect the device.

Supports Android Devices

Not only Apple products can connect directly to AirPods, but those of you who have an Android device can also use this wireless audio device.

But can't use all of its features. Of course, you won't be able to use some features such as quick connection and Siri access. The connection from AirPods to the Android smartphone and other devices will be connected to the normal Bluetooth connection.

Disadvantages of Apple AirPods

Relying Too Much on Siri

The AirPods' biggest problem is their over-reliance on Siri to control music playback, and although Siri has become much more capable over the years, it's hard to argue that it's the ideal way to control music on the go.

There are many advantages to AirPods: they sound great, the battery life and charging speed are amazing, and how smooth the pairing process is. You could say, this is one of the best earphones that you can use.

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