How to Quickly Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone Easily

How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone

The camera LED light on the iPhone does double duty which is useful in everyday life. We can use these lights to illuminate dark areas or in rooms with low lighting. The flash in the Camera app is on "Auto" by default or always on, but in some cases its operation can damage photos. The flashlight located next to the rear camera can also be used as a notification. So, when you get a new notification from on your iPhone, the flash light will turn on and blink.

We will tell you how to disable this LED Alert on your iPhone. If you've just bought an iPhone, we recommend checking out these tips on how to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone.

There are various ways to turn the flashlight on or off on iPhone. You can use the method below.

How to turn off flash on your iPhone

The question posed in the title of this article may involve two completely unrelated tasks. The first is clearer: you have to disable the LED indicator in the «Camera» application. The second is its blinking when calling and receiving notifications on iPhone. We will consider both solutions below.

How to turn off flash on your iPhone camera app.

If you want to take photos without flash, follow the steps below.

When launching the "Camera" app. Tap the lightning icon in the upper left corner of the interface.

If the flash is on (it says "On". center of the top row), select one of the two preferred options for operation:

The first implies that the LED will work automatically, i.e., it will only light up if the combined software algorithm deems it necessary (cloudy, light, low light or total dark weather). If you choose the second option, the flash will not work until you activate it yourself.

So, with two taps on your iPhone screen, you will disable the LED light in the standard Camera app, meaning you can take photos without using them.

If a similar task had to be performed in a third-party application (graphic editor with a built-in camera, social media client, banking application, barcode scanner, etc.), the algorithm of actions would not be much different.: look for the icon with the image of a lightning bolt or flashlight on the interface and disable it. .

Note: Some third party apps with built-in camera always work with flash and don't allow it to be disabled.

How to turn off flash alert indication during a call or notification

In iOS Universal Access settings, you can enable the camera module's built-in LED indicator for incoming calls, incoming messages, and notifications. This feature is especially useful for those who are hearing impaired or those who frequently switch their iPhone to silent mode, but don't want to ignore important events. A very useful feature in some cases can still annoy Apple mobile device owners and those around them, so you should disable them.

  • Open settings and go to "Basic".
  • Select the item. "Universal access".
  • On the block. "Audience". select "Flash alert.".
  • If you want to disable this feature completely, move the slider next to "Flash alert." to the off position. If you want to keep the flash on only when the phone is turned off, enable "In silent mode.".
  • The settings will change immediately, which means you just need to close this window.

Now you can test its functionality: to do this, lock the iPhone screen then make a call. The LED flash shouldn't bother you anymore.

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