Minimum iPhone Specifications To Play Apex Legends Mobile

Minimum iPhone Specifications To Play Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a game ported from the popular Respawn Entertainment game Apex Legends on consoles and PCs for Android and iOS devices. The game features battle royale gameplay, where players will be taken to an island to fight with other players. Players can choose a variety of characters in the game with a variety of unique and interesting skills.

There are several things that make Respawn Entertainment's games different from most other Battle royale games. The first starts with more futuristic graphics compared to games like PUBG, a cooler ping system that doesn't need players to communicate with each other, and finally, the characters are similar to the MOBA heroes.

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most awaited games by iOS and Android users this year. After going through a long trial period, this brand-new mobile game is finally officially launched. Apex Legends Mobile officially launched for general users on May 17, 2022. The launch itself was confirmed directly by Electronic Arts (EA) as the publisher of the Apex Legends Mobile game.

Please note that there is no cross-play feature between Apex Legends Mobile and the PC or console versions of Apex Legends. This is because Apex Legends Mobile presents a different experience. Some of them are differences in the variety of controls, content, social features, and game modes that are adapted for mobile devices.

Meanwhile, to be able to play the Apex Legends Mobile game on the iPhone, there are minimal specifications that players must pay attention to. The minimum specifications for an iPhone phone that can play the Apex Legends Mobile game are arguably not too complicated.

Launching from iMore, an iPhone that can be used to play the Apex Legends Mobile game must at least be running iOS 11 or later. If the iPhone has not used the OS released in 2017, then Apex Legends Mobile will not be accessible and playable.

As for the iPhone that supports Apex Legends Mobile, it is the iPhone 6s or later. In addition, the chipset and RAM embedded in the iPhone smartphone must also be considered. In order for the Apex Legends Mobile game to run smoothly, at least an iPhone device must already use the Apple A9 chipset and 2GB of RAM.

Turning to storage capacity, Apex Legends Mobile requires iPhone users to provide at least 3GB of storage space. Less than that, Apex Legends Mobile will not be able to be downloaded, which means this new game will not be able to be played either.

Because the size of the Apex Legends Mobile game is quite large, it is recommended to use a WiFi connection when downloading.

Apex Legends Mobile iOS Specifications

Device: Minimum iPhone 6S

OS: iOS 10 or have Chipset above Apple A9

RAM: Minimum 2GB

Storage: Have at least 3GB of free storage space

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