Easy Ways How to Mark Parking Locations on Google Maps

How to Mark Parking Locations on Google Maps

Getting in and out of the parking lot is a common activity for everyone who is used to traveling by private vehicle. It doesn't matter if you always park in the same place or even around your office or business location. This of course will make it easier for you to remember the location of the car park. However, most of us often forget where our car is parked.

Good news, because there is now a way to mark parking locations on Google Maps, with Google already adding a mark parking location feature in its map application. For your information, Google Maps as a popular application used for navigation purposes has added a feature called Save your parking location.

How to mark parking locations on Google Maps is not difficult. You only need a few steps to do it. The steps to save parking locations in the Google Maps application which will be reviewed this time are certainly quite useful for you in case in the future.

This feature will make you remember where to park your vehicle. All you have to do is park the car, open the app and mark the location. In this way, Google Maps will save all the details so that it really helps you to find the location of the vehicle parking easily. The new feature will save your current location and display a visible P icon on the map.

How to Mark Parking Locations on Google Maps

Before using this feature, there are some prerequisites that you need to make sure. First, you've got the latest version of the Google app and Google Maps. Also, your smartphone must be running on Android Marshmallow or above or iOS 10 or above. Then, activate location services on the smartphone. The Google Assistant service should have been given all the necessary approvals. Let's take a look at how to save parking spaces on Google Maps from here.

  • You need to park the car
  • After you park, you need to open the Google Maps app
  • Tap the Blue Pin or Blue Pin that represents your current location
  • After tapping, you will get three options on the screen
  • Select the Save Your Parking option
  • You can add more details, including photos, parking numbers, etc
  • Your car park will be marked on Google Maps. So, how do you find the location of a parked vehicle using Google Maps?

When you want to find a parked car or vehicle using Google Maps, all you need to do is open the app and tap on the option that says Saved Parking. You can tap a direction and go in the same direction by pressing Start. Alternatively, you can use Google Assistant for the same.

After you park your car, you can ask Google Assistant to save the car park location. The easy way is just to speak the voice. You do this by saying "Remember where I have parked" or "Remember where I parked". To find a parked vehicle, say “Where is my car”.

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