How to Customize a Cool Lockscreen on iPhone With iOS 16

How to Customize a Cool Lockscreen on iPhone With iOS 16

iOS 16 is officially released by Apple. As previously reported, Apple has announced the latest operating system for the iPhone in early June and now it's finally officially released to users. Through iOS 16, Apple brings a number of new features to the iPhone.

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Of the many features that are carried in iOS 16, one that is quite interesting to try is the lock screen modification feature. In iOS 16, the iPhone lock screen design can be modified with more varied options.

The iPhone Lock Screen is finally no longer as boring as it was in previous iOS versions. The reason is, users can create several iPhone lock screen themes at once that can be saved. When bored with one theme, users can easily switch to other themes that have been personally created and previously saved.

In addition to creating and saving multiple themes at once, the lock screen modification feature in iOS 16 is also equipped with the ability to change the color and font of the timepiece (clock and date) on the iPhone lock screen. Then, on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16, users can also add widgets or mini application windows, like features commonly available on Android. With this modification feature, the iPhone lock screen display can look cooler.

So, how to make a cool lock screen on iPhone with iOS 16? Before being able to modify the iPhone lock screen, of course, users need to update iOS 16. How to update iOS 16 can be done through the "Software Update" option in the device settings menu.

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After successfully updating iOS 16, here is an explanation of how to easily make a cool lock screen on the iPhone.

How to Make a Cool Lockscreen on iPhone With iOS 16:

  • Go to the “home” screen on the iPhone.
  • Swipe down from the top corner of the right side of the screen.
  • Next, press the empty space on the lock screen page.
  • Once pressed, the lock screen display settings page will open.
  • On that page, click the plus icon to add a new lock screen theme.
  • The addition of new themes can be done up to three times.
  • Select the wallpaper that will be used on the lock screen.
  • Apple has added some interesting new wallpaper collections in iOS 16, one of which is the “Weather and Astronomy” wallpaper which can display an image of the globe and the user's current location point.
  • Then, set the date display on the lock screen.
  • The date indicator can be combined with several widgets, one of which is weather information.
  • Also set the color and type of font you want to use to indicate the time and date.
  • Then, click the “Add Widget” option to start adding widgets.
  • There are several widgets that can be added, for example a battery widget to display power information, a widget from the Reminders application, or a widget from the Weather application.
  • After setting the lock screen display, users can also set the iPhone home screen background display by clicking the "Customize Home Screen" option.
  • In the "home" screen display settings, there are several options that users can choose from.
  • Users can choose to display the "home" screen according to the lock screen.
  • Then, you can also choose the "home" screen so that it has a display with plain colors or gradations.
  • If it's enough, please click the "Finish" option and the cool lock screen has now been successfully created and can be used on the iPhone.

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