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Choosing a Digital Distributor for your music

Ok, after reading the article a few hours from night until this morning, and from yesterday also read and read the article. For you musicians who want to distribute your music online, please read this ARI article: This is the best, superb, review and comparison.

Some Digital Distribution service providers, some paying in front of a dozen dollars, or grab royalties a few percent thereafter. There is also a 100% free, not pay and do not take royalties for example Freshtune and Amuse. They are looking for revenue from other features, like making album art and more. It seems I'll try that 100% free. And maybe somebody asks why I want to signup with them? Did not I already signup with local Digital Label?

Incidentally I yesterday asked to Label, what I may be selling songs elsewhere if the song is different from the contract with them? (I contracted 6 songs on the mini album "8 Minutes ago", and if I can use the same name, or have other names? They answer "Yes", as long as it is not 6 songs contracted, and the same name is free to use, WOW , good news is not it?

Apparently, I have the freedom to expand my music business elsewhere, without breaking the contract because in this era, we must move ourselves, do not just rely on 1 or 2 sources of income, we must expand.

Then why do I still use the local Label, While many options are more seductive, Wider network, take less royalties, even for free! Yes because I need their connection to local, like RBT, and opportunity for other things, like yesterday had time to play in sinetron, and invited to some premiere of film, because my label under big Production house, so the connection is wide.

Well, for those of you who want to know about Digital Distributor which one suits you guys? Read this SUPERB article:, and decide what you want to join.

I suggest just try some and compare. But remember, only 1 release for one Distributor, otherwise it will clash and be a problem! TAG your friends who are musicians huh!



Changes in facebook algorithm has a big impact because it requires users to interact so that what others post seen in our facebook news feed, simple example is if we often ignore what the someone posts, then what they post next will not appear in our facebook news feed. So we must often interact with each other, then we will often see someone posts in our facebook news feed.

A few months earlier, every time I post something on Facebook, a lot of comments or just like. Currently, few people comment or like my post, although my friend list is almost 5000 because it seems that what I post is not visible in their news feed. also In my facebook news feed just appears only the same people, that's all. Though I'm sure thousands of other friends also post.

One example of my experience is that I used to have a facebook account with nearly 5000 friend list but was blocked and now can be accessed again, every time I post on my facebook account there is no one friend who commented or like, very quiet like no one knows my account is this and I suspect what I post is not visible on their news feeds, because it has been banned and long since it is inactive, so there is no interaction.
The only way to get my account back to crowded may be that I have to comment on all my 5000 friend list posts, but I'm not a robot.

Yes that's a bit of social media algorithm, especially Facebook. Essentially they are focused on advertisers, all for the sake of business. Just look if we go to marketplace site look around products sold. Later when we return to visit facebook, suddenly appear ads with the exact same products we see on the marketplace site earlier and it can be repeated several days. While our friends post is "not promoted" in our news feed because there may not be profits for them.

Note: if from the facebook app on the iPhone, have "Explore Feeds" which displays the posts that are not raised on facebook home.
From the beginning is facebook limit 200 friends who can appear in our news feed. 200 friends who often interact with us.


This morning I discovered something new, sometimes when I looked at someone else's youtube video, there was something yellow on a video bar. I think it's automated by a decisive youtube system. short story, this morning I tried to see my youtube video settings and compare one with the other.
In the past I do not understand why every time we upload a video, sometimes there are ad-breaks settings and I understand that videos that last less than 10 minutes have no ad-breaks option, and videos that have a duration of more than 10 minutes have ad-breaks settings.

So we can set ad-breaks and place some ads in our videos with a certain duration (as shown) as we want and there seems to be no limit to how many ads we place, even if the ads will appear on every ad-breaks or not it's the youyube authority itself, as I know not all ad-breaks contain ads, sometimes zonk hehehe

Well, this can we use to increase our ad revenue on youtube. with ad-breaks tricks is our chance to increase revenue from ads that appear in our videos become larger. but do not get too blind by placing ad-breaks every minute like the picture above hehehe. we should also pay attention to the convenience of the person who saw our video and returned to it as I wrote above that not all ad-breaks will contain advertisements, but if you want to get rich quick it's up to Tou to try.
Well, this easy to be interesting info for you all.
Good luck.

Google Local Guides Badges

I've got this badge when I attend the google local guides food crawl Surabaya on November 20, 2016. The event was held at GWalk CitraLand, Niaga Gapura street and Kedai27 as the meeting point was attended by local guides who had the 3-5 level, got an email invitation and have confirmed their registration. Not only me, all the participants also get it.

The event organizer explained that worldwide all of the local guides who've participated at local guides event got that the same badge and this is the first google local guides food crawl event in Indonesia. So, maybe I was the first person in Indonesia who got this badge.

I'm very happy to be part of the google local guides food crawl surabaya this time. I was able to meet with new people and the great people of google Indonesia and knowing the purpose activity of local guides community. Until now we are still communicating and exchanging knowledge about local guides events via WhatsApp messenger or forum in

I love this exclusive badge and I cannot wait to join in the next event