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Macro Photography With Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone

As I promised to further review what is in the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone, more and more I explore the features of the Xiaomi Mi5 camera because of the many cool features of this smartphone should we explore completely. And this time I tried to explore Macro Photography feature. Little explanation of what the macro photography, macro photography is photography at a very close distance to get high detail of a small object but does not require additional magnifying tool.

On Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone has manual focus feature where we can adjust focus distance of the object which we will take just like a DSLR camera, how to enable the manual focus feature only needs to be entered into Modes and then select Manual, then there are four choices: White Balance, Focus, Exposure time, ISO. Select Focus and set the value to the smallest. hold up your smartphone to the object and adjust the distance between the object and the smartphone to get precisely focus.I

I suggest to take more than one photo at different distances between the object and the smartphone to get a good result, select the best and the precise focus and then zoom the photo in 1:1 as original object and see the results. You will be amazed. The opposite of macro photography are Infinity, Infinity is a photography technique used to obtain the focus at far object so that other nearest objects being blurred. I will write the next article about it.

For more details and the steps to do macro photography techniques please look at the following video :

Xiaomi Mi5 Purple Unboxing

This is My first Xiaomi smartphone. After searching about the technology and specifications of Xiaomi smartphone I decided to buy a Xiaomi MI5. My reason is first, from the specs smartphone Xiaomi MI5 embedded RAM 3GB with 32GB ROM capacity and My most important reason is it's camera technology has been adopted OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Second, from the price of Xiaomi MI5 smartphone is very affordable only about $ 230 in Indonesia.

What's in the box?
As before, Xiaomi does not include earphone in any smartphones bundled they sell. There is only the smartphone itself and several manual books, which most surprised me is the charger, Xiaomi MI5 has adopted C-type USB for charger and data cable.

First impressions, slim design and soft purple color with glitter accents make an blink impression when exposed to the light. When I hold it feels very slippery, I guess this is the effect of corning gorilla glass version 4 on the screen and back panel. On the front there is a second camera, speaker phone, a small LED indicator light, MI logo and a home button that also serves as a finger print scanner. On the side there are volume buttons and the power button, on the other side there is a socket for sim cards. On the top there is a 3.5mm port for earphone and infra red sensors and at the bottom there is two speaker holes and C-type USB port. At the back the curved shape on the left and right sides, and there is a main camera lens with double flash nearby, also there is a MI logo on the center-bottom.

First start, As general android smartphones, when first turned on we were asked to follow a few steps initial setting, after that the main display will opens.
The first feature that I discover is the features of the camera, and I amazed when finding the features which have not I see in smartphones under $300 one of which is Manual Focus feature that functions like Digital Camera DSLR/SLR that is to set the focus distance object, also have manual Exposure Time feature, is also have Tilt-shift feature. The front camera like Xiaomi smartphone version ever before there is beautify features that can soften facial of the object and face detection that can show age prediction of the object although not so accurate, anyway I ignore this feature because I do not really like selfie, hahaha. Read Mode is also one of the features found on this smartphone.
As the person using the additional App such Clone App, now I not need to install additional applications because Xiaomi MI5 already provides a similar application in the settings menu.

As a smartphone with a relatively cheap price I was very satisfied with what is on the smartphone, it's normal if Xiaomi smartphone in Indonesia is getting a lot of interest, although not accompanied by commercial advertising as another smartphone brands, users are getting smarter in choosing and knowing the quality offered the producers of smartphones.

Xiaomi Piston 3 Youth Edition Earphone Review

Xiaomi piston 3 youth edition is one of version of the piston family earphone from xiaomi, the design is look simple with no many color. there is 2 choice product color white or black and it just have 3 button to middle button for play or stop or answer call or ending call and the button to volume up or down, in back side have small hole for microphone. 
Xiaomi choose flat cable for this earphone with non glossy color and of course 3.5mm jack. Like the earphone the box design is simple too, what inside the box is piston 3 earphone, and 3 additional ear caps with different size diameter.

About the sound, first I try I was very impressed with the bass it's very rumble in my ears, be carefull with your volume device when you want to put in your ears make sure you have turn down the volume. The stereo sound was very clear better than my last sony earphone. unfortunately the microphone quality is very bad, distance voice capture must be really close to your mouth and the recorded voice not good, I'm more satisfied with my sony earphone than this if about voice record quality.

One trick for new earphone to increase or maximizing the earphone sound capability is, some people said do to sets to maximum power your device volume for minimum 1 hour, but don't put the earphone in your ears. but, I can't feel the difference. maybe it will effect only on expensive earphone, but not bad to try.

StrongCool Vacuum Fan : Testing Effectiveness To Reduce Heat Of Notebook While Playing PES2017

I'm very happy with the launch of the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and have already downloaded the demo for PC version. As known, this game requires a computer with high specification and has a graphics card or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). 
And this is the time to test how effective this StrongCool Vacuum Fan to reduce the heat. 
I use Open Harware Monitor software (can be downloaded at for monitoring the temperature of the hardware that is installed in the notebook. 
This software allows you to monitor CPU (Clocks, Temperatures, Load, Powers), Generic Memory (Load, Data) , GPU (Clocks, Temperatures, Load), and HDD (Temperatures, Load).

StrongCool FYD-738 Notebook Vacuum Fan

Because I often play games on the notebook makes me worry about the high temperature in my notebook. Then, I decided to buy a Notebook Vacuum Fan to reduce or remove heat in the notebook while playing the game. And my choice is this product, its name is Strongcool Idea Notebook Cooling.

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