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PES 2017 Freekick Trick : Knuckle Shot, Panenka Penalty Kick And Curve Freekick

There will be no endless to review Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 games, and this time I will review the characteristics of the world top three famous players in freekick. It's between Cristiano Ronaldo, Francesco Totti, and Lionel Messi. To become masterly in this games we must know the characteristics of each player and in this games each player has a different character. For example, like as many people know Cristiano Ronaldo highly proficient in knuckle shot free kick, Francesco Totti often do Panenka penalty kick in the real world, and Lionel Messi highly proficient at doing curve free kick. But not impossible these three players can not do these three freekick techniques.

First, I did experiment in knuckle shot freekick with all three of these players and it is rather difficult to adjust because of the different character. Cristiano Ronaldo is not too difficult to do this, we just need the right timing in pressing the square button at second time, the direction of the shot is very accurate in accordance with which we are headed. For Francesco Totti, the shoting power value is not very high, the shoting character in knuckle shot is flat and swooping down, to do this technique the arrows should upwards in full. Lionel Messi can indeed do knuckle shot but I suggest not to do so, will be very difficult to adjust the timing because the characteristics of the shoting is curving.

Second, is the Panenka penalty kick experiment, all three players have no difficulty in doing so because it does not require special skills to do, which to be the difference is player gesture. Cristiano Ronaldo and Francesco Totti his movements more natural and normal, but for some reason Lionel Messi motion looks a little strange and not nice.

Third, is the curve free kick. for this techniques Cristiano Ronaldo and francesco Totti is very difficult to do because of two players is using the instep and the ball is very difficult to curving. Different from both players, Lionel Messi is the most good kicker in this curve free kick, I had no trouble to do this technique with Lionel Messi, like David Beckham.

I was tobe a fan of this games since it was named Winning Eleven until now it has turned into Pro Evolution Soccer, this is the excess of this game because of the character of each player in the game such as what is in the real world. My memories go back to an era when Roberto Carlos still playing, because the individual skills above-average such as running speed and shooting power worth 9, I often put this player as a striker. In winning eleven era, the technique that is most feared is the one-two passing, until ther is a unwritten rule in my neighborhood that technique is prohibited to use, even in the winning eleven tournaments, many event organizers who wrote the regulations that one-two passing technique forbidden to use, if used will be disqualified from tournaments.


Not only more attractive graphics, this games Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 it was very interesting to explore the features and its football tricks. Year by year this game is grow to more realistic and more new football tricks, one of which is Panenka penalty kick, why it's named panenka because for the first time did the trick is a football player named Antonin Panenka.
This trick intended to deceive the goalkeeper during a penalty kick, where the ball as like kicked hard but did not, the ball just bounced softly toward the goal without being able to anticipate by goalkeeper because the goalkeeper had already fallen or wrong side.

In the games pro evolution soccer 2017 this Panenka penalty kick trick also can to do. The basic to doing this trick is by press and hold L1 (PlayStation) / LT (X-Box) and then press the Square Button (PlayStation) / X (X-Box) to a power kick.
You can combine with a drive to left or right, have a few variations on how much power is needed. For example, if a power kick only small You must combine with direct analog controls slightly to the top. But the most effective way to do the trick Panenka penalty kick is by full kicking power : press and hold L1 (PlayStation) / LT (X-Box) + combined with direct analog controls slightly down + press Square button (PlayStation) / X (X-Box) with full power kick.
The explanation why full power more effectively is because the goalkeeper would expect the ball to be kicked hard, so that the goalkeeper will react quicker than the ball.
Please continue to explore variations as I mentioned so that you understand the difference.

For more details watch the video below:

PES 2017 Trick : Knuckle Ball Free Kick Training

Hai, I just finish to make a video about my favourite game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. One of the best trick in football is Knuckle Ball, it's a deadly strike for goalkeeper because The ball movement is irregular so that the goalkeeper is very difficult to anticipate, sometime the ball quickly changing the direction from up straight to down or from left to right, the ball movement doesn't spin but it's look a like floating. As all people know this trick popularized by Christiano Ronaldo. This trick is a kick that makes the ball look a like turned the direction twice in the air. Yes, is different with the banana kick that only one time ball deflecting, knuckle shot is twice into two different directions.

In the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 this trick can do by Players with the "Knuckle Shot" skill can hit knuckle shots by pressing Square Button -in Sony PlayStation Joy Stick- again just as they are about to strike the ball. 
when pressing square button first, should be followed with pushing the top direction button as well to get the fast kick power effects, then when pressing the square button for second time followed with pressing the left direction button to get the effect direction ball that swerves to the right and the right direction button to get the effect direction ball swerves to the left.
Requires repetitive practice to get the perfect result and to be experts in knuckle ball.

You can see the following video to get more detail

Pokemon Go Popularity Goes Down

In mid 2016, has not been forgotten from our memory how the game Pokemon Go into a very horrendous, the whole world talking about the game including in Indonesia, how extraordinary this game to dominate the news both television and online media, even a lot of seminars and talkshow review the game, the technology used and the effects on social security. Even the government banned to playing the game in the area of government agencies and the military area.